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"Hit your listeners in the heart, then give them the number to call. It sounds simple, but sometimes it's easy to get away from those basics."


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» Can I Get Your Number? Here are select Nielsen Audio diary ratings for Fall 2019 (9/12-12/4) for subscribing stations compared with stations' last books (Spring 2019). Ranks (in parentheses) are also among subscribers. Unless otherwise noted, all figures are Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6am-midnight.
Appleton-Oshkosh, WI
  • WNCY 10.5 (1) to 11.5 (1), Midwest
  • WGEE 6.4 (4) to 5.1 (4), Midwest Classic Country
  • WPKR 2.9 (8) to 1.7 (11t), Cumulus
Corpus Christi, TX
  • KRYS 8.4 (3) to 6.3 (5), iHeartMedia
  • KAJE 1.2 (11t) to 0.8 (13t), Convergent Classic Country
Fayetteville, AR
  • KKIX 10.6 (1) to 10.8 (1), iHeartMedia
  • KAMO 5.5 (8) to 4.7 (8), Cumulus Classic Country
  • KCYT 2.6 (10t) to 3.1 (10), Hog
Fayetteville, NC
  • WKML 9.4 (2) to 7.7 (3), Beasley
Flint, MI
  • WFBE 3.6 (7t) to 3.2 (8), Cumulus
Green Bay, WI
  • WPCK 1.6 (11) to 2.0 (10), Cumulus
Lansing, MI
  • WITL 10.2 (1) to 9.4 (1), Townsquare
  • WBCT 2.9 (7t) to 2.8 (8), iHeartMedia
  • WWDK 4.4 (5) to 2.5 (9), Midwest Classic Country
Reading, PA
  • WIOV 5.6 (2) to 4.9 (2t), Cumulus
Reno, NV
  • KBUL 5.5 (6) to 5.7 (5), Cumulus
  • KOLC 3.4 (8) to 4.9 (7), RMG
  • KLCA HD3 0.8 (18t) to 1.2 (15t), RMG
Saginaw, MI
  • WCEN 6.3 (4) to 5.9 (4), Alpha

MacDonald's WKCQ does not subscribe.

Shreveport, LA
  • KXKS 5.4 (3) to 4.7 (4), Townsquare
  • KRMD 4.6 (4t) to 4.5 (5), Cumulus
Texarkana, TX-AR
  • KKYR 10.4 (1) to 10.5 (1), Townsquare
Tyler-Longview, TX
  • KNUE 8.1 (2) to 8.9 (1), Townsquare
Youngstown, OH
  • WQXK 8.7 (1) to 7.6 (2), Cumulus
  • WBBG 2.9 (7t) to 3.8 (7), iHeartMedia

» Reed All About It: Former iHeartMedia Classic Country KKXY/Oklahoma City PD/on-air talent & Country KTST MD/personality Bill Reed has joined crosstown Champlin Classic Country KNAH for afternoons. He succeeds KC Sheperd, who joined Radio Oklahoma Ag Network as Assoc. Farm Dir. earlier this month. Reed spent 26 years with iHeartMedia/Oklahoma City and was part of the first wave of iHeartMedia departures last week amid the company's restructuring (CAT 1/14). Reach him here.

» Rich Man, Tour Man: Red Light's Mary Hilliard Harrington was the first winner at last night's (1/21) CMA Touring Awards in Nashville, taking home the Manager of the Year trophy. Addressing client Dierks Bentley in the crowd, she beamed, "The thing about Dierks is that he is the most thoughtful, generous, creative, talented artist that any manager could ever dream to work with. I’m so grateful for you." But, Harrington's winning didn't stop there. She also won a bet with her six-year-old daughter, Scarlett. "She dared me that if I got up here, I wouldn’t say 'poop.'"

Host Jon Pardi handed out trophies to winners including Flood, Bumstead, McCready & McCarthy's Mary Ann McCready, Business Manager of the Year; WME's Jay Williams, Talent Agent of the Year; Eric Church team member Todd Bunch, Tour Manager of the Year, who admitted, "I was kinda getting used to being the Susan Lucci of the touring world;" and Arpad Sayko, two time FOH (Front of House) Engineer of the Year honoree who simply hoped the win would secure him a new front-of-house chair, saying "That's all I need." The inaugural Videographer/Photographer of the Year, Jill Trunnell, credited boss Kenny Chesney for her success, "[He] taught me how to use a camera, because he got me one and said, ‘Here, figure this out,'" and Dierks Bentley for "letting me practice on him for a while," eliciting a "Shhhh..." from Bentley.

Marty Stuart presented Conway Entertainment Group CEO Tony Conway with the Lifetime Achievement Award. “You know, sometimes when I talk about who I used to represent or who I do represent, they think I’m making all this up because it just sounds like a dream, and it is," shared Conway. "It’s true." Full list of winners here.